Adi Abdurab
Google Certified Father, Writer, Peabody Award Winner and Occasional Beard Grower

The Trouble with DeFi

On a stormy night, at the lip of a dense dark forest, he stood, bruised, battered, bloodied, and boiling… with rage, wearing a black fur coat.

“DeFi!!!!” he bellowed into the darkness. “Show your cowardly face! Vengeance is upon you!” The wind was howling, yet the stillness was palpable. His eyes scrutinized the landscape for any sign of the monster and saw absolutely nothing.

Impatient to exact retribution, he shouted again “DeFiiiii!”. Still nothing, but he wasn’t there to play hide and seek, that was on Thursdays. “DeFiiiiiii!!!!” He screamed again, this time so loud, he hurt his throat.
He heard a feint whisper as if it happened right next to his ear, “Tokenization…”

He swung around violently, the steel of his sword slicing the very air around him, only to find he has hit nothing. He screams again, “Your decentralization is useless against me! For I am a fully realized DAO!”
The wind suddenly ceased, and everything went quiet. You couldn’t even hear the insects. An ominous whisper is heard again, this time with a hint of displeasure, “Hhhhow?”

Realizing he’s struck a nerve, he smirks and reaches into his coat, and pulls out what was clearly a dead mining rig and throws it onto the ground in front of him, “that’s you in 5 minutes you foul creature! Face your death”. The whisper turned into a scream, “eeeeETHEREUUMMMM!!!!” and a shadowy figure appeared before him.

After a heated battle, the shadowy form that was DeFi knelt on the ground, breathing heavy. He swung his sword with all his might, intended to sever DeFi’s insolent head from the rest of his soon to be corpse, he stayed his hand micrometers from DeFi’s neck. He took a hard long look at the pathetic pile that lay before him and dropped his sword. There was no victory here, only sorrow.

They looked at each other, non-verbally agreeing that this was over. He slowly turned around and started walking away. Just then, DeFi, true to his DeFiant nature, uttered, “DAPPS!”

A gust of wind blew where he stood mere moments ago, and his leg did the rest. Like vengeance incarnate, he punt DeFi’s head into the now rising sun.

He was free, we were all free.

That, and Decentralization is likely going to take a lot of legislation and standardization before it can truly replace the status-quo.

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